Program She Culture-meeting Norway 8th –10th of March 2015

8th March:
17.00: Welcome to the She Culture partners at the Kvinnemuseet (Women’s Museum Norway)
Coffee and cake. A guided trip in the museum (also “back stage”). Getting introduced to the members of The Norwegian Museum Network for Women’s History.
19.00: Celebration of the International Women’s Day (Open to the public)
19.00: Gudrun Koch: The Goddesses from our ancient past.
19.30: Astrid Scönweger: Presentation of the IAWM
19.45: Sissi Prader: Presentation of Frauen Museum Merano
19.55: One from Women’s Museum Norway (Mona?): Presentation of the Kvindemuseet Denmark.
20.05: Elsa Ballauri: Presentation of the Women’s Museum (initiative?) in Albania
20.15: Cristina da Milano/Marta Vergonyos: Presentation of the She Culture project and the Toy’s genderization videos.
20.35: Showing the videos.
21.15: Dinner at the Women’s Museum for She Culture partners and Norwegian Women’s History Network and participants from Anno Museum’s staff.

9th March:
9.00: How to succeed in networks?
Session for partners from both She Culture and Norwegian Museum Network for Women’s History.
9.00: Coffee and welcome
9.30: Gudrun Koch: History of the Europäische Frauen Aktion.
10.00: Kari Sommerseth Jacobsen/Ingun Aastebøl: The Norwegian Museum Network for Women’s History.
10.30: Discussion.
11.00: Coffee/Tea
11.30: Women’s history in museum collections
Randi Lium: Virginity, Fertility and Emanicipation – a study of textile history
12.00: Discussion/Questions
12.30: Lunch.
(The partners of the The Norwegian Museum Network for Women’s History leave)
14.00: She Culture Partner meeting: Dissimination of Campaign Toy’s Genderization.
15.00: Male History tour? At the Fortress. Gender (female)History tour in the old town. Kongsvinger museum.
16.00: She Culture meeting: Guidelines

19.00 Dinner at the restaurant Manis?

10th March:

9.00: Coffee/Tea at the Women’s Museum
9.00: She Culture meeting: Guidelines
11.00: Cofee/Tea
11.30: Cont. work on Guidelines
13.00: Lunch
14.00: Goodbye