Europe for cultural diversity: the She-Culture project

Rome, 23 September 2015 |10.00 - Biblioteca Casanatense - Via Sant’Ignazio 52, Roma

This it the Final Conference with the presentation of the results of this project. There will be presented our activities, our outputs and the possible future development of the project.


9.15 Participants’ registration

10.00 Welcome
Rita Fioravanti
Director of the Casanatense Library

10.10 Opening of the meeting
Valeria Fedeli
Vice-president of the Senate of the Italian Republic

10.20 Women and men in equal dignity in the Europe of culture
Silvia Costa
President of the Culture Committee of the European Parliament

10.40 Participation, communication, creativity: tools for inclusion and cultural development
Mariagrazia Bellisario
Director Service I – Cooperation and international relationships – UNESCO Office of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and of Tourism

11.00 Women’s museums as place of social memory and inclusion
Meral Akkent
Director of Women’s Museum in Istanbul

11.30 The IAWM Network
Astrid Schönweger
Coordinator of IAWM-International Association of Women’s Museums

11.50 The She-Culture project
Cristina Da Milano
President of ECCOM

12.10 Research, Database and Survey of the She-Culture project
Annalisa Cicerchia
Professor of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”

12.30 The video of the She-Culture project
Marta Vergonyos
President of La Bonne

13.00 Beyond the project
Nadia Mazzardis
President of SNOQ-Se Non Ora Quando Alto Adige

13.20 The guidelines of the She-Culture project
Merete Ipsen
Director of the Women’s Museum in Aarhus

Discussion time

Italian-English-Italian simultaneous translation will be supplied

At the end of the meeting, lunch will be provided



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