The winner of the call



The project (, foresees that a video on toy genderization is produced with the aim of visualizing if and how toys strengthen, or help overcome, the stereotypes that are traditionally linked to gender issues and how commercial targets - young girls or boys - are addressed. In each of the 5 partner countries– Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway and Albania – young artists will be invited, through a national competition, to submit a project idea for the production of a video. The 5 selected artists (one for each participating country) will have the opportunity to produce the video in the Centre de Cultura de Dones Francesca Bonnemaison in Barcelona (Spain) between the 25th of June and the 1st of July of 2014. The 5 selected videos will be compiled in a single DVD with access menu - where necessary English subtitles will be provided – and will be one of the final products of the project. The videos will be initially shown in the Women’s Museums participating in the project and then it will be available to be distributed also to other museums, cultural institutions, schools, etc.

Technical features of the proposals

Eligibility and exclusion criteria

Eligible artists must:

 Terms of exclusion:

 those who do not fulfil the eligibility requirements;

 Conditions of participation

 Participants must present only one project per competition.


The timetable of the call is organized as follows:

 Documentation required

 Candidates must submit before the deadline the following documents:

 Application form filled in each part with the photocopy of an identity document;

−        The treatment chosen by the artist (TV commercial, corporate video or documentary).

−        A synopsis in English (max 3 lines).

−        A storyline (max 5 lines).

−        A literary script in English (max 5 pages) (bear in mind that the film has a maximum total duration of 5 minutes including credits).

−        A technical script.

−        A storyboard.

−        A detailed description of the characters, locations, costumes, props, technical needs (material, lighting, etc.)

−        A document of the registration of the intellectual property of the work.

−        A document of the license of the work and its derivatives for their production and distribution by the promoter organization of the initiative.

The documentation must be sent by 30 April 2014. All participants will receive a return message containing an acknowledgement of receipt.

Evaluation Committee in every country will select the project and will designate the artist on the basis of the following criteria:

At the end of the evaluation process, the Committee may suggest technical changes in the proposal due to production requirements. If this modification is not received before May 7th, the project will be rejected. Also, if some documentation not essential for the selection process (such as the registration of the intellectual property or the license of the work’s exhibition and distribution) is not received by April 30th, there will be an extension of the deadline until May 7th. If the documents are not received by then, the project will be rejected.

The participants will be informed of the Committee's resolution via email, phone or any other electronic means. The final decision of the Committee will be unappealable.

Production of the video

The selected artist will produce an original video during the stay in Barcelona.

Living expenses coverage

Selected artists can beneficiate of the coverage for the following costs:

 Dissemination of the video

 At the end of the stay in Barcelona, the video will be compiled in a single DVD with access menu along with the ones produced by the artists coming from the other four partner countries. This unique video - subtitled in English if necessary - will represent one of the final products of the project She-Culture, and will be exhibited in the museums involved in the project and disseminated through various channels.

The video produced by the artist selected within this call can be disseminated also independently from the project’s final unique video (that will include the five videos produced by each artist selected in the five partner countries).

General terms

The admission to the selection implies acceptance of the present procedure. The signature of the application form is valid as disclaimer for the use of the materials sent for the dissemination of the initiative, if estimated appropriate by the She Culture partner organizations. The artist, with the subscription of the application form, gives authorization for the use of the images sent with the application in order to disseminate the project, within the institutional communication or publications linked to this initiative.

Concerning the artist selected, this authorization will be valid also for the video produced during the stay in Barcelona, within the framework of the project.

The institutions promoting this initiative reserve the right to disclaim any issues not included in the present procedure.

The submission authorizes the institutions promoting this call to the treatment of personal data and the use of all the data submitted within the scope of the competition.